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At Advance Machine Technologies, Inc., we have been providing machining and turning services to businesses in and around central Iowa since 1959. Located just north of Des Moines in Johnston, Iowa, we strive to be the most professional, accurate, and on-time CNC shop around. It is our desire to build a relationship with your company that will last for many years to come. Whether you require small quantity prototype parts or larger production runs, your order will always be given the attention and priority you deserve.

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We are a full service shop providing everything from CNC production machining to prototype work, turning, welding and waterjet cutting. We pride ourselves in our outstanding abilities to serve a wide variety of needs.

Waterjet Cutting

WATERJET machining is a computerized cutting method that will cut virtually ANY material into any two dimensional shape. It is a clean process that eliminates tool path heating and residual stress in the cut material.


Come on in and see a gallery of our recent work. From signage to machined parts, we've done it all.


At Advance Machine Technologies we are always looking for honest, skilled, industrious, and enthusiastic individuals to work for our company. We currently offer various employment opportunities. Follow this link to find out more about employment opportunities.

We use Advance Machine Technologies to machine our customized parts. We appreciate how they deliver our parts to us, saving us freight costs. They are willing to come onsite and discuss our parts that need modification. Overall, Advance has a great team that is willing to provide excellent service to us, and we enjoy doing business together. - Sheryl Gibbons